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I began Beyond Accents in order to provide a much needed service to foreign speakers of American English; the ability to be understood. Many of us have had doctors, college professors or even high school teachers that spoke with accents. It was a frustrating struggle for the listeners to understand what the professionals were saying, and it was just as frustrating for the speakers to try to communicate and get their message across. With my accent modification services, I aim to eliminate the frustration and restore the flow of a smooth, easy conversation.

As a licensed and certified speech language pathologist, I am uniquely qualified to address the pronunciation, stress and intonation differences that frequently occur in accented speech. Having worked with speech sound disorders for over 15 years, I understand the process of sound production and the challenges that accented speakers face in their own production of American English. My clients gain a higher level of confidence and the tools to improve their pronunciation skills. These tools help them to communicate successfully at work and at home, allowing them to move beyond their accents!

I am certified in the Compton P-ESL method of accent modification. I have an MA in Speech Language Pathology and hold licenses in PA and DE. I currently provide services in Philadelphia, Delaware County, PA and New Castle County, DE as well as online. 
Francine Vasquez, Owner