What is an accent?
An accent is the result of learning a 2nd language as an adult. It is a particular way of pronouncing language. We all have accents, and yours will reflect your native language.

What is accent modification (accent reduction)?
Accent modification is the process of learning a new accent (a new way to produce the sounds of the 2nd language). There are many different ways to learn and adopt a new accent, and the one we use is based on the Compton P-ESL method. Accent modification is recommended for those that have difficulty being understood clearly in the 2nd language due to the influence of the speaker's native language.

Will I lose my accent completely?
No. It takes many years of practice to "lose" an accent, and this course is not designed for that purpose. You will still have an accent at the end of this program, but you will speak clearer and more precise American English. 

How long is your program?
We offer a 13-session course and a 7-session course, as well as a self-study course for those on limited budgets or with limited time to study. The exact length of your course will depend on the results of your customized speech analysis.

What information will the speech analysis give you about my accent?
The speech analysis will show the sound differences that you produce, as well as your speech pattern. This information will then be used to design your accent modification program.

I have a very mild accent, although I still have some difficulty with a few of my sounds. Can you help me?
Yes! This program is designed to help those with mild accents and regional dialects. We can help you to fine tune your pronunciation of the sounds of American English so that you can communicate effectively.

Where are you located?
Beyond Accents currently serves the Philadelphia and Delaware County areas in Pennsylvania, and the New Castle County area of Delaware. Services are provided at your place of business or in your own home, for your convenience. Online services are also available.

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