The goal of Beyond Accents is to help you reach your full potential at work and in life without the limitation of how 
you sound. Our Accent Modification Program, also commonly known as accent reduction, is designed to do just that.

Nothing is more painful than losing a job, or being unable
speak with friends and co-workers due to their lack of understanding your accent. In the most extreme situations 
the inability to communicate clearly in American English 
could be devastating; as in the case of discussing medical records or more personally perhaps on a date. But this is something you do not need to be burdened with for life.

Accent Modification Program

With our personalized speech analysis and accent modification program, administered by our Compton P-ESL certified instructor, you will:

Beyond Accents offers services based on the Compton P-ESL method of pronouncing American English. Those who follow this course as recommended can expect to see a 50% improvement in their ability to speak American English clearly.

When you improve your pronunciation so dramatically, you will increase the quality of life in almost every aspect; at work or out with friends, the ability to be clearly understood can have a significant impact that cannot be understated.

Corporate Services

Help your employees to improve communication with customers and co-workers. Benefits of providing an accent reduction workshop to your employees can include:

3-Day Intensive Workshop is available when time constraints are tight and a 7-week or 13-week workshop don't fit in. 

Let your accent become an asset!
Individual and small group sessions in accent reduction are available.
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Accent Modification for Foreign Speakers of American English
Online Workshops Available

For your convenience, workshops may be conducted over the internet.

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Guided Self Study Course:
Work on your accent on your own time!

If you are limited for time, but still want to improve your pronuncation, our guided self study course will help you work on your accent at your own pace. 

Your course includes:

All for only $375.00!!

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